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We are delighted that you have come to us – Cyprus IVF Clinic

Cyprus IVF Clinic facilities include top of the range equipment to nurture your embryos and advanced medical procedures, meaning that we can give each patient the very best, individual care. We are delighted that you have come to us to create your family and we are dedicated to providing outstanding IVF treatment. Each patient coming to the Cyprus IVF Clinic is given options, some of which are not available in the UK.

Our IVF in Cyprus Treatments

ivf in cyprus treatments

IVF in Cyprus

IVF in Cyprus guarantees 10 eggs as the standard

IVF in Cyprus

IVF in Cyprus was originally used as a pioneering treatment purely for those couples suffering from infertility. However the scope of IVF has expanded considerably since then and is now used for a range of reasons….

All About IVF in Cyprus
egg donation in cyprus

Egg Donation in Cyprus

We have a comprehensive egg donation programme

Egg Donation in Cyprus

They are generally used when the women’s own eggs are unlikely to lead to a viable pregnancy. It can be associated with age; a women’s egg reserves decline as she gets older in both quantity and quality…

All About Egg Donation
pgd in cyprus detect over 400 genetic disorders

PGD in Cyprus

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) detects over 400 genetic disorders

PGD in Cyprus

PGD in Cyprus is a complex process and Dr Firdevs will be able to explain the details to you and give you all the facts necessary for you to make an informed decision about which embryos you would like transferred…

All About PGD in Cyprus
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Cyprus IVF Clinic is home to Team Miracle, leading experts in fertility medicine. We are proud to welcome over 950 patients per year, all treated by the best doctor in Cyprus.

  • Gender selection in Cyprus

  • ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

  • Embryo Donation

  • Male infertility in Cyprus

  • Sperm Donation

  • Tandem Cycle

  • Assisted Hatching

Cyprus IVF - No waiting List - No BMI restrictions - No Age Limit

Our Facility and IVF Treatments Unit

Cyprus IVF Clinic in Nicosia represents the ultimate solution to your infertility problems. We are equipped with the most advanced and cutting edge technology in IVF treatment where we can manipulate embryogenic sex by gender selection and methodologies of PGD in Cyprus. Our IVF clinic also specialises in providing the most comprehensive and most relaxing approach to every struggling couples that comes for help in our centre in North Cyprus. Cyprus IVF Clinic understands the physical and financial demands in IVF therapy abroad. That is why we offer a precise and effective treatment in North Cyprus. In our IVF Clinic, we focus on reproductive medicine Advanced applications like PGD in Cyprus, gender selection, Egg egg donation and ICSI are implored to help you achieve your long coveted conception.


Cyprus IVF Clinic Testimonials

previous TM client
Hi Julie and Umit!

We hope you are well! On march The 19th our baby boy Leon Nicolas was born! He is The most perfect baby and we are so greatful. Thank you for make our dream come true!

Thank you for our little miracle! We look forward to see you again When It’s time for baby nr 2!

Best regards, A & N
previous TM client
Ciao Umit and Julie

Thanks for the surprise, congratulation for your new baby born Mia, she’s so cute.
And thanks for the nice family photo. As for us we did have a wonderful first Christmas with our two lovely babies. Attached is a photo of their first Christmas.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015

Love M, D and Kids
previous TM client
Dear Dr Firdevs, Julie and Irem,

We want to heartily thank you for making our dream come true. Izabel was born on the 12th of November 2014 and is a healthy and most adorable baby. We could not have asked for better. Thanks again and keep doing your amazing jobs,

F and P
Hi Julie

Happy new year to you, hope your well here are a few photos of Ryan Nathan and Heidi, we had a lovely first Christmas and they got lots of presents. 5 months old now and doing well.

Take care


6 Reasons Why IVF in Cyprus is a Much Better Option

Studies have shown that stress levels affect our physical and mental health, and can, consequently, determine the outcome of a fertility treatment, such as In-Vitro Fertilisation ( IVF ). Besides the talented medical professionals and experts in assisted reproduction medicine providing their services at the Cyprus IVF Clinic, traveling to the beautiful island of Cyprus for your fertility treatment offers:

1. The Opportunity to Combine Pleasure and Treatment

You have a remarkable chance to relax and enjoy the majestic natural surrounding and crystal-clear waters. What better way to start an IVF treatment!

2. Low-Cost IVF

Compared to other countries in Europe, the UK or the USA, having your IVF in Cyprus comes with added advantages, such as significantly less expensive treatments.

3. Free ICSI

ICSI is a pioneering method that enhances IVF success rates remarkably. In any other clinic worldwide, it is offered at an extra cost. Not in Cyprus!

4. Impressive Success Rates

Not only do we pride the best IVF success rates on the island but also 3X the success rates you can expect from a UK-based fertility clinic.

5. Free-of-Charge Blastocyst Transfer

Also offered at a significant extra cost at clinics worldwide, day 5 blastocyst transfer allows us to select the best quality embryos for transfer. It improves your IVF success rate and is provided at no extra cost in Cyprus.

6. No Waiting List

We don’t put you on hold. It would be like postponing fulfilling your dream to start a family soon. From the moment of your first enquiry, you are welcome to have your IVF, donor sperm or egg or PGD treatments at your earliest convenience.

Balance your family with gender selection.
Select and guarantee the sex of your next baby!

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