In a world full of uncertainties, it counts for a lot when you know that you have something that you can truly rely on. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, our ten egg guarantee is one of those things.

Our protocol for egg collection means that we guarantee to retrieve at least ten eggs from your chosen donor, exclusively for use in your treatment cycle. If we cannot retrieve at least ten, we guarantee to provide one cycle of IVF completely free of charge. However it is worth mentioning that since our clinic was set up we have never failed to retrieve less than ten. A standard number of eggs for us to collect is usually somewhere between 15-20.

By offering this guarantee as standard, we hope to give our patients security in the quality of their treatment which allows them to go forward into their IVF process in a relaxed, calm, clear state of mind.

In addition to Cyprus IVF Clinic 10 egg guarantee, we also offer a five day culture of embryos to take them to blastocyst stage. These two treatments combined give the maximum chance of a successful pregnancy – which remains our complete focus.

Unlike other fertility clinics in the UK and Cyprus, we do not consider maternal age when we go through the embryo transfer process. Regardless of age, the three best quality embryos are always transferred; a decision based on years of research and case studies. Any leftover embryos can be saved and frozen for your exclusive future use.