15+ Reasons to have an IVF treatment

//15+ Reasons to have an IVF treatment

Being able to give birth to your child is a miracle indeed. Unfortunately, it is a struggle for many women. At least, in the past few decades. Luckily, the remarkable advances in assisted reproduction and fertility medicine have given us powerful tools and valuable knowledge to make a woman’s dream to start a family come true.

Besides the apparent reason to consider undergoing an IVF treatment, though, there are more advantages to it. In detail, IVF helps women with:

➢ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – It’s been evidenced that 1 in 15 women worldwide is affected by PCOS, which causes infertility from a young age and pregnancy-related issues. With IVF treatment, we can maximise a woman’s success rates and help her to conceive much easier. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, there is a large number of women with this disorder every year and many happy faces after the completion of an IVF cycle.
➢ Blocked Fallopian Tubes – Except for PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes is another major reason why some women can’t get pregnant. IVF is the best option available right now to have a baby that uses the woman’s own eggs to create an embryo, and also reduces the risk of having surgery on the fallopian tubes by 50%.
➢ Low Ovarian Reserves (and older women) – It has been proven that IVF treatment has remarkable results. Team Miracle focuses on harvesting high-quality eggs from these women, rather than a large number of them, to increase their chances to get pregnant.
➢ Endometriosis – In the past, having this disease meant that you were not able to have children. Today, all that has changed thanks to IVF treatment, which increases the chances of developing a healthy embryo.
➢ Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) – POF results in early menopause and, of course, fertility problems, putting an end to many women’s dream of having a baby. However, although it is highly unlikely we could use a woman’s own eggs, she can successfully conceive with donor eggs.

That aside, IVF treatment at Cyprus IVF Clinic can also assist in male infertility, too. The embryologists at Team Miracle use the ICSI process and inject the sperm directly into the egg. This is a procedure that has been proven extremely effective in overcoming issues related to what most doctors want to refer to as “unexplained infertility” or “failed fertilisation” (when the egg and sperm are not interacting correctly to create an embryo, for unknown reason). With IVF, there is no such thing as idiopathic poor fertility and the result is always the confirmation of fertilisation. As for severe cases of male infertility, donor sperm is a lifeline.

Other important points to consider IVF treatment:

  • You can screen the embryo for inherited diseases. This is critical if one of the parents is a carrier of a genetic disorder (i.e. cystic fibrosis). With Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) at Cyprus IVF Clinic, which screens for chromosomal abnormalities (i.e. Down’s syndrome), you can be sure you will give birth to a perfectly healthy child.
  • You can now select the gender of your child thanks to the PGD and PGS techniques implemented at our clinic.
  • Same-sex couples and single women can now have their own biological children.
  • Men that had a vasectomy or have low sperm count can still have a biological child. Team Miracle and Dr. Firdevs are using alternative methods to fertilise the egg that boost the chances of having a successful pregnancy.
  • The cost of having an IVF treatment at Cyprus IVF Clinic is significantly reduced. In fact, we offer the same exceptional services at one-third of the cost in the UK.

Why Cyprus IVF Clinic Stands Out for IVF treatment

Besides all the points mentioned above, our embryologists use single embryo and blastocyst transfer to avoid multiple births that could put both the mother and babies at risk. Truth be told, though, we have many couples contacting us to have twins!

Some people have ethical concerns because, in the past (and in many fertility clinics around the world nowadays), the leftover embryos were discarded, which was perceived as a waste of life. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, you can freeze unused embryos either for future use or just have a clean conscience.

Finally, Cyprus is a wonderful place to be. Our world-class clinical facilities provide you with stunning views of the island and give you the opportunity to have some relaxation and soul-pleasing moments while having your IVF treatment by hugely experienced professionals that have contributed to the clinic’s remarkably high pregnancy success rates.

Giving life to a child is a miracle.
Trust Team Miracle for your biggest miracle in life.

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