To be able to help couples achieve their dream to start or expand their family, it’s paramount to explore all options. So, besides the latest in technological advancements, continuous fertility training, and scientific breakthroughs Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Clinic strives to keep up with, we are also interested in exploring complementary and alternative medicine and healing methods that have been found to associate with fertility.

Acupuncture is one of them and has come to complement our treatments. This ancient Chinese form of medicine has been used to relieve pain since around 6,000 BCE. According to the Chinese philosophy, the unimpeded circulation of “chic” – the life energy that circulates round the body through meridians (pathways) – is critical to one’s health. In traditional Chinese medicine, an imbalance between its positive and negative forms would lead to bad health. What acupuncture does is help release the flow of blocked energy and bring back balance and, therefore, good health. According to a recent study from Tel Aviv University, acupuncture, in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, increases conception rates by almost 30%.

The acceptance of Eastern medicine’s theories is a strictly personal matter. However, for many people, the benefits of applying acupuncture, alongside the remarkable results they achieve after that, are undeniable.

How exactly does acupuncture work ?

With the simple placement of hair-thin needles into particular areas of the body (energy points) to unblock paths and restore balance. This, in turns, helps heal the body and relieve any pain. Besides the “chi” theory, which may find some people very reserved to embrace, there is also scientific evidence that explains acupuncture’s incredible results.

According to Western practitioners, the insertion of thin needles into key points of the body help stimulate not only muscles and nerves but also connective tissue. This promotes the release of endorphins, which are chemicals released by the brain to lift the mood and relieve pain – to name just a few – and also boost blood flow. With increased blood flow, the body’s organs are provided with more oxygen, which is a significant help towards their repair and regeneration.

Combining acupuncture and IVF treatment to treat fertility at Cyprus IVF Clinic

The increase in blood flow mentioned before also provides the reproductive organs with valuable oxygen that thickens the endometrial lining, improves the development of ovarian follicles, and helps the patient produce better quality eggs; all of which are important factors for a successful IVF treatment.

That aside, stress has been evidenced to have an adverse effect on fertility and the outcome of an IVF cycle. It is widely known and accepted that psychology plays a vital role in the success of any treatment. Acupuncture is found to assist in reducing stress as it can manipulate the endocrine system, by stimulating the secretion of β-endorphin and influencing the GnRH pulse-generator region of the hypothalamus, which is a critical factor when trying to conceive.

Scientific trials and studies have concluded that acupuncture dramatically improves implantation rates, when performed both before and after embryo transfer day, by almost 40%. This means that couples experiencing infertility problems get much closer to fulfilling their dream of having a healthy child and becoming a happy family.

Our highly-experienced therapist at Cyprus IVF Clinic offers our patients strictly individualised fertility acupuncture sessions that complement the selected IVF treatment. The sessions are performed in the comfort of your private hospital bedroom, and there is no limit as per the number of sessions provided. It should also be noted that our patients receive as many sessions as necessary without having to move to another location outside the clinic.

Important Notes:

  • It is strongly advised you lie down after an embryo transfer for 2 hours. During this period of time, you can have an acupuncture session, which lasts for about an hour, and just relax. This will help maximise the effect of the session in the implantation process, too.
  • Considering the therapist’s busy schedule, it’s best to book your treatment in advance so you can be sure you will have a session both prior and after your embryo transfer. Kindly contact one of our International Patients Coordinator to make your reservation.