Cryopreservation. This is a long word for a very simple, but effective, concept. Put simply, cryopreservation in Cyprus means freezing your eggs for future use. It is generally regarded as one of the most recent advances in gynaecological medicine. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, our cryopreservation technique is one of the very best.

Why are eggs frozen ?

Generally, eggs are frozen to preserve their quality for future use. A woman can freeze her eggs at an optimum time of her choice, either whilst she is young, or before treatment for an illness for example, and then use them in the future when she is ready for childbearing.

What’s the cryopreservation process ?

Whilst the concept of freezing eggs may be simple, the reality is not. Cryopreservation is a complex process, requiring multiple team skills and controlled laboratory settings to be carried out successfully. Essentially, we need to stop all of the biological processes in the egg taking place. Using liquid nitrogen means that the eggs are held in a constant state of extreme cold where no cell processes are possible, not even cell death.
Then these eggs can be carefully thawed when they are needed for IVF treatment and our patients have the security of knowing that they are using the very best quality eggs possible.

How long can my eggs be frozen for ?

The standard time for keeping eggs frozen is ten years. Beyond this, you would need specific clinical, advice.