Egg donation abroad is, for thousands of couples worldwide that face fertility problems, a shiny beam of hope. Considering that there is a serious shortage of egg donors, patients from countries, such as the UK, seek egg donor treatment abroad. This is one of the reasons why Cyprus is such a popular destination for couples that want this treatment available to them at exactly the time the need it the most. Instead of entering long waiting lists that test their patience to the extreme, they can now access egg donor treatment at the Cyprus IVF Clinic instantly. That aside, the laws on the anonymity of the egg donors are another serious obstacle put to couples that consider egg donation treatment and do not wish for the identity of the egg donor to be disclosed to their offspring if the child decides to search for it at the age of 18+ (see UK laws). In most countries, this is not doable. At the Cyprus IVF Clinic, we keep the donor’s identity confidential at all costs.

Egg Donation Abroad : Facts you Need to Know

Is Egg Donation Treatment for You ?

The purpose of every IVF treatment is to harvest as many viable eggs from the patient’s ovaries and use them for IVF. However, some women cannot produce such eggs so their chances for a successful IVF treatment drop significantly. Age is just one of the factors associated with low ovarian reserve. Usually, women in their mid-30s start to produce less eggs than in their 20s or early 30s, although there are also much younger women that experience premature menopause symptoms, too, which affect the number and quality of the eggs they produce.
That aside, women that have recently undergone chemotherapy may also have to deal with infertility. The same applies to mothers with a familial disorder that are concerned they might pass it on to their offspring, should they get pregnant.

For all these women, egg donation treatment is indeed a salvation board and offers them the opportunity to conceive and give birth to a perfectly healthy child.

How to Ensure the Fertility Clinic is Qualified Enough

Like with any other medical treatment, the success of an egg donation treatment (and IVF) depends heavily on the person that delivers it. To find out whether the fertility clinic you are considering is qualified enough to handle your case and give you the desired outcome, you should find out:

  • Where they get the donor eggs from.
  • If they test the egg donors for infectious disease.
  • How do they make sure the donors are qualified for the egg donor program? How rigorous are their screening criteria?
  • Whether their egg donors can donate eggs many times.
  • Whether you can be provided with any type of information about the egg donor.
  • If the clinic will use the same donor’s eggs for many different patients at the same time.

If you feel safe after receiving the answers to these questions, chances are you are on the right track. But, if you feel a tingling inside, trust your instinct and do some more research on the matter and the particular clinic (i.e. look for their IVF success rates and medical team’s credentials).

Why Cyprus for Egg Donation Abroad ?

First of all, the laws pertaining to the North part of the island, as opposed to South Cyprus and the vast majority of the European countries, give more freedom to couples pursuing IVF and egg donation treatment. For instance, here is a short list of what you can have in North Cyprus.

✔ Gender selection for family balancing.
✔ Gender selection for medical reasons.
✔ Complete donor anonymity/confidentiality.
✔ Egg freezing for future use.
✔ Unlimited number of embryos and gametes that can be stored.

Also, single women, as well as same-sex patients can also receive egg donation treatment without any restrictions whatsoever. All these combined give patients from abroad a very good incentive to prefer Cyprus for their IVF and egg donation treatment.

What couples can NOT have in North Cyprus is surrogacy as it is not allowed. However, if you can carry your own child with the assistance of the many, advanced fertility treatments available at the moment, there is no reason to have a complete stranger do that on your behalf.

The Cyprus IVF Clinic Egg Donor Program: A Success Recipe

1. Fresh Eggs

A major concern of the overwhelming majority of patients is in regards where the donor eggs come from. With that in mind, and always with their best interest at heart, we have created an extensive database of egg donors (pre-screened, of course) that make excellent candidates for the program.

It should also be noted that the donors are superovulated only when we are in need of the freshest egg from their ovarian reserve pool from each donor cycle. This increases the patient’s IVF success rates significantly.

2. Choose your Egg Donor

That aside, you also have the chance to actually choose how the ideal egg donor should look like! This means that you can choose an egg donor that look very much like you and your partner (i.e have the same color of skin, hair or eyes, same nationality, similar educational background, and more). Thanks to the remarkable advances in reproductive medicine, much of what used to be considered impossible a few decades ago is made possible.

3. Use Eggs from a Close Friend/Family Member

On top of everything else, patients can also use donor eggs from a dear friend or family member if that makes them feel more comfortable. We totally understand that the thought of using somebody else’s DNA to help them conceive is intimidating for some people. So, if the suggested person passes all our tests and is found healthy and the eggs of high quality, we don’t see why we can’t accept that person to the donor program and use their eggs for IVF.

Tests Egg Donors Undergo

All donors undergo scrutinising tests to exclude any medical conditions that could have a negative impact on the health of the fertilised embryo. For that reason, prospective egg, sperm or embryo donors are screened for:

  •  Infectious diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B & C, CMV, Rubella, and Syphilis)
  •  Hereditary diseases (i.e. Haemophilia A & B and Cystic Fibrosis).

In addition, Team Miracle also delivers hormone tests, such as Prolactin, FSH, and Anti-Mullerian Hormone, to ensure that the donors accepted in the clinic’s donor program are in perfect health and can produce high-quality eggs.

Karyotyping is another procedure that takes place in our clinic and only a handful more around the world, which allows us to analyse the donor’s cells into greater depths and check for any sort of abnormalities. That way, we can have a round assessment of the prospective donor’s health and current condition so we can decide whether they fit our strict standards or not.

Where we make a big difference, though, is in regards the way we have managed to maintain top-quality donor eggs, sperm, and embryos at all times. Unlike what is happening in other fertility clinics, at the Cyprus IVF Clinic, qualified donors are screened for diseases both before being accepted to the donor program AND every 8 weeks.

Cost of Egg Donation Abroad

The cost of egg donation abroad is, at least, three times the cost of North Cyprus. However, you should always pay attention to the fees listed on a fertility clinic’s website or the quote you get because there may be many additional charges that can elevate the overall cost of the treatment significantly.

Cyprus is a beautiful tourist destination, ideal to have some time off of work and the hurried lifestyle of the bustling cities. Most of our patients combine their IVF treatment with a few days or weeks relaxing by the beach and in the serene and calm settings North Cyprus has in abundance. And, there is no doubt that when you are in a batteries-recharging mode, many great things happen more easily!
That said, Cyprus offers easy and very affordable travel options, giving those considering IVF one more reason to go for it here!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call or contact us. We are always here to help and stand by you, from the moment of your first enquiry until after the birth of your healthy, beautiful child.