Sometimes couples can experience problems with both the egg and sperm. When this happens, a donor embryo can be used. Cyprus IVF Clinic offers two types of embryo donation treatment – fresh embryos and frozen embryos.

1. Fresh embryos

For this treatment you will choose an egg and a sperm donor. The egg donor will be given the necessary medication to prepare her and once this is complete, she will attend the Cyprus IVF Clinic to have her eggs collected. On the same day the sperm donor will provide a sample of sperm. This will then be injected into the eggs via ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and this guarantees that fertilisation will take place.

They will then be left to develop in a culture medium for five days. After this, up to three good quality embryos will be transferred to your womb. If you have all of your preparation medicines at home, you need only travel to Cyprus for three days.

If necessary, embryo donation treatment can also be combined with PGD gender selection.

2. Frozen embryos

Any embryos that are unused following IVF treatment can be frozen and stored for up to two years for your future use. Once you return to Cyprus IVF Clinic, your embryos will be defrosted, which takes around 15 minutes, and then embryo transfer takes place. Again, if all medical preparation takes place at home, you need only stay in Cyprus for three days.