ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a standard accompanying treatment to IVF at Cyprus IVF Clinic. It’s used to maximise your chances of a viable embryo being produced. It sounds complicated, but the procedure itself is quite simple.

On the day of the egg collection, the male partner will provide a sperm sample. This sperm is then washed and placed into a petri dish by embryologists. The sperm is put into a special substance which slows down the movement in order for the embryologists to assess the morphology (a biological term meaning the assessment of form and structure). The embryologist will then prevent the lesser-quality sperm from moving by removing the tail with a needle.

For this procedure, skill and experience are key. Injecting poor quality sperm necessarily means a lesser quality embryo. The embryologists at the Cyprus IVF Clinic have over 30 years combined experience and are uniquely skilled in selecting high quality sperm.

A single sperm is placed in a needle, the egg is placed under a microscope and held in place securely by tiny instruments. A pipette is used to hold the egg firmly from one side, whilst a single sperm is injected in from the other.

Once the process is complete, the fertilised egg is then placed in a culture medium and returned to the incubator to develop.