It’s the New Year – how will you choose your IVF clinic abroad ?

//It’s the New Year – how will you choose your IVF clinic abroad ?

Having IVF is some of the most life-changing medical treatment that most people will undergo. It has the potential to deliver the most valuable results and – for many – it represents a vast emotional and financial investment. For those choosing their IVF clinic abroad, it can be a massively important decision and to maximise your chances of getting it right, it’s crucial to make a well-informed and careful choice.

How do I know how to choose IVF Clinic Abroad ?

Before you start looking at the details of your treatment abroad, put the details of fertility treatment out of your mind for a moment, sit down and make a list of what’s both necessary and important to you – and what it means to you. For example, are you having IVF as a couple or alone? Are you looking for straightforward IVF or do you need different procedures either instead of, or to run alongside? These include:

– Using donor eggs or sperm
– Gender selection through PGD (pre-implantation genetic determination)
– Using PGD to avoid congenital abnormality
– Specialised medication protocol for immune issues or high NK cells

Cyprus IVF Clinic has a number of well-established fertility treatments which allow us to match the needs of the patients, no matter what their circumstances. Consider what you want from your treatment, what sort of experience you want to have and how comprehensive you want it to be. Some patients choose to have a holiday alongside their IVF treatment, whereas others prefer to fly in and out as quickly as possible. At Cyprus IVF Clinic we can accommodate either of these preferences. We have an extensive range of treatment packages to suit all expectations and budgets.

Do your research

All of the statistics and general information for a reputable clinic should be published in an easily accessible and understandable format. This doesn’t just include success rates, but also how long they have been established and how they approach the treatment they provide. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, Team Miracle approach all IVF treatments as a concept, rather than just a procedure. We ensure that our patients are comfortable and happy at each stage of their IVF. Our hospital has very high success rates and these are increasing year upon year as our clinic expands.

Look at the website and assess the information. You can tell a lot from a website. Most importantly, it should be fluent as well as clear and well laid out. There should be all of the relevant information presented easily, accurately and clearly. An excellent standard of English is vital for discussing sometimes complex medical information.

Most importantly, research the doctor who will be treating you. If the doctor has a wealth of experience then it should be easy to speak to other patients who have been treated by them. Try and speak directly to other patients and get their feedback. You should find it very reassuring and it will help you to make your decision.

Once you get there

Make sure that all of your questions can and will be answered. Draw up a list to make sure that you don’t miss anything out. Experienced patient co-ordinators are ideal to have on hand to answer any and all questions with a depth of knowledge. The Team Miracle patient co-ordinators at Cyprus IVF Clinic are easily and immediately available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. This includes the best hotels to stay in on the island, right through to medical queries and providing information about any additional needs you may have, how your medicines will be supplied and what is included in your treatment package.

Other factors to consider include treatment guidelines and protocols. For example, when will you meet the doctor who is treating you? How many times will you meet them? Will they be available afterwards to answer any questions? What will happen in the event of any problems?

Ultimately, you need to be secure and confident in your choice of clinic and medical practitioners. IVF treatment can be a tough road which needs to be negotiated smoothly, gently and carefully. For those embarking upon it for the first time, having others who are more experienced is vital in approaching IVF in the right frame of mind. Whether you want your stay abroad to be over as quickly as possible, or whether you are combining your stay with a holiday, it’s only the professionals who will be best placed to guide you.

Team Miracle have a large, combined experience in all of the different spheres of IVF and can answer any questions that you may have. We understand that travelling abroad for your IVF treatment can be daunting and we guarantee to put you at your ease in any way that we can. We will explain every stage of your treatment before it happens and give you a full range of choice in how you would like it to be carried out. Our priority is the comfort of our patients at all times and we are confident that we provide the very highest level of fertility treatments. Becoming pregnant through IVF at  Cyprus IVF Clinic is a process that we aim to make as easy and straightforward as possible.

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