IVF ; All You Need to Know Including IVF Treatment Options

//IVF ; All You Need to Know Including IVF Treatment Options

When couples are looking forward to conception and bringing bundles of joy to this world, none of them thinks about fertility treatment. However, one of six couples trying to conceive will require assistance of some sort, such as egg or sperm donation or an entire IVF cycle. No matter the conception issues you are having, there is always a procedure or a treatment that can get you the baby you have always wanted.

Best approach

Once you have accepted you are worried and perhaps nervous of the entire fertility treatment issue, you’ll be able to handle any resultant emotion. IVF is a solution that has worked for many for over 30 years and should in your case as well! It’s also imperative to ask as many questions as you can about the procedure. Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Clinic is always available to answer all your queries and ensure everything is well explained and your mind put at ease. Once you are fully informed, you’ll be able to control yourself better and feel much calmer about the whole procedure.

IVF to many people is a solution that’s to be turned to if other treatments have been a disappointment or a scenario where other tests have shown malignant problems. However, there are cases where IVF treatment comes first, particularly when:

At Cyprus IVF Clinic, the success statistics are fascinating. However, the reason as to why the infertility problem exists plays an important role on the success of an IVF cycle just like age; young women usually have eggs that are much healthier. In fact, Cyprus IVF Clinic egg donor programme accepts eggs from women under the age of 25 only for this reason.

IVF set pattern

Once you have decided IVF standard treatment is the way to go and you’re able to go ahead with it, a well defined clear set pattern will be closely followed. Before the treatment has started, medication will be provided for the stimulation of the ovaries; done to encourage the ovaries to release lots of eggs than it’s the case in a normal cycle. The next step is removal or harvesting of the eggs. Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment is used by the embryologists in Team Miracle to mix the eggs and sperm. The embryos are them monitored. After 3-5 days have passed, they will be placed into the uterus. Team Miracle takes the time at this time to talk with every client about a longer or shorter development of embryos and whether it’s better for a specific case.

Studies have indicated that leaving the embryos in a lab environment for a couple of days more gives embryologists the chance to identify the stronger or healthier embryos more accurately, which increases the chances of successful implantation into the uterus. In essence, after 5 days only the “fittest” or best embryos remain in a lab setting.

Embryo donation is possible including mixing donor eggs and your eggs in IVF treatment in what is known as cycle tandem treatment. In case there’ll be a remainder of healthy embryos after a successful treatment, request them to be cryogenically frozen through vitrification for another IVF cycle in Cyprus in the future.

Time frame

There are different options when it comes to starting your IVF treatment; take as much time as you want to ponder all the available options. You can also have the treatment scheduled as soon as a week before the onset of your periods. Whenever you are ready to commence, Team Miracle will be with you and in contact to make sure everything goes well. After weighing all the options and want to start, the treatment process will begin prior to your arrival in Cyprus; birth control pills could have been prescribed for the regulation of your normal cycle. When you want to conceive this might appear counter-intuitive but very important for the doctors to work out what might be taking place in the body, which is critical in fertility treatment.

Cyprus IVF Clinic offers IVF holiday packages for those who might want to combine their IVF treatment with holiday or vacation during the period of their treatment. You can also fly back home the same day the insertion of embryos has taken place.

What IVF involves

Together with standard IVF, other different treatments are also provided but it depends on the circumstances of every case. HFEA rules aren’t a constrain in Cyprus meaning there’s a lot of flexibility in the IVF treatment at Cyprus IVF Clinic. You’ll find sperm donation is very straightforward, pre-implantation genetic determination (PGD) that helps avoid genetic abnormality in embryos, assisted hatching, cryopreservation and gender selection. You can also choose the gender of the baby, an advantage for UK clients; not permitted back home, unless it can be proven it’s for avoiding abnormalities specific to a certain gender. Team Miracle’s non-judgmental approach applies to all the procedures clients want and all the patients in equal measure.

Lesbian or gay couple and IVF

At Cyprus IVF Clinic, all couples are treated without discrimination, whether heterosexual or non-heterosexual. Lesbian couples can request sperm donation procedures using the eggs of one woman or the eggs of both women before being transferred to both women or one of them. Team Miracle also has plans for egg donation treatment for gay men with a surrogate of their own using sperm from one man or sperm sets from both men. Four embryos can be transferred, maximum, for same-sex couples so that two embryos are transmitted from every partner to make sure both contribute to the child genetically. Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Clinic is very flexible and can work with any individual to achieve the desired treatment.

Single women IVF treatment

IVF doesn’t prohibit on the basis of being single. The Cyprus Sperm Donation Program at Cyprus IVF Clinic is very extensive and open to both single women and couples. However, Team Miracle recommends that at least you have a family member or friend with you for singles to help complete the treatment with a familiar face; emotional support provided will be equally critical as support provided medically.
Patients’ wellbeing is top priority of Cyprus IVF Clinic’s Team Miracle, including a commitment to provide top-notch IVF treatment at all times on any level. Do you have questions? Concerns? Contact Us today and we’ll advice you accordingly.

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