IVF : Facts and Fiction

//IVF : Facts and Fiction

With the remarkable advances in fertility medicine, having a child is no longer a far-fetched dream for couples facing infertility issues. In-Vitro Fertilisation or IVF plays a vital role in assisting people to feel the joys of parenthood with thousands of IVF cycles done in the US and UK alone.

However, much is said and written about IVF and with so much information flowing, there is lots of misunderstanding and errors that only confuse. Our hearts at Cyprus IVF Clinic go out to those that are considering the treatment; yet are clueless who and what to believe. For that reason, we’ve decided to clear the air regarding the IVF treatment and procedure to help you make a more informed decision.

FICTION: IVF is the sole treatment to solve all infertility problems.

FACT: Depending on the case, we can treat infertility with a wide variety of treatments, including Ovulation Induction (OI) and Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI). So, although IVF is used most often, we still have more options in our hands.

FICTION: IVF is usually used as a last resort.

FACT: There are medical conditions that dictate the use of IVF as the first treatment, such as male factor infertility, age factor infertility, and bilateral tube blockage.

FICTION: IVF treatment cost a lot.

FACT: If it were a monopoly of a handful of clinics then we could say that’s true. But, with the plethora of clinics opening up all around the world, prices have gone down and there are more flexible playing options available now (i.e. installments) than in the past, which makes IVF treatments affordable, especially here, in Cyprus.

FICTION: IVF is only for the young.

FACT: With donor eggs, couples of almost all age groups can have IVF. Although the average age for IVF is between 35 and 40, at the Cyprus IVF Clinic, Dr Firdevs regularly treats women in their late 50s and early 60s and those that, for any reason, are unable to use their own eggs to have a child.

FICTION: Treatment guarantees success in every single case.

FACT: Unfortunately, IVF doesn’t always deliver the desired results. However, Team Miracle have managed to have incredibly high success rates (3X UK’s success rates), bringing smiles to thousands of couples that have trusted Cyprus IVF Clinic

FICTION: An overnight stay at the hospital is required.

FACT: Unless you are scheduled for an evening egg collection, you won’t have to stay overnight.

FICTION: You get multiple pregnancies with treatment.

FACT: Although having twins or triplets can be achieved with IVF if you decide you want a large family in one go, you CAN control the number of embryos that will be transferred to your uterus. However, multiple births are still the most frequent outcome of an IVF treatment.

FICTION: Going through IVF is a very lonely road.

FACT: Although IVF is indeed an extremely individual experience, at Cyprus IVF Clinic you have lots of people to share this experience with and help you all along the way. Our medical team and experienced patient support staff knows all about every step of the procedure, as well as the feelings and thoughts involved. So, they are the perfect people to have by your side during this journey, offering advice and all the support you will need, whenever you need it.

FICTION: Medication will make you very emotional.

FACT: An IVF experience involves a number of reactions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drugs you take will make your life more difficult for you. The stress you have experienced before finally making the decision to try IVF, as well as the stress of the treatment itself are significant factors that affect your overall mood. But, truth be told, the medication we give to our patients are mainly oestrogens, which are considered to be mood-lifting hormones. So, you shouldn’t cross out feeling a bit more alert and happy during your IVF treatment! After all, worrying a bit about the treatment is normal. Worrying about a million other things will only make your life miserable. Provided you find experienced IVF experts and embryologists with a proven track record of achievements in their field of expertise, you will have nothing to worry about!

FICTION: You will need many cycles to achieve a successful pregnancy.

FACT: We don’t know how many cycles a patient will need or whether they will need more than one to have a successful pregnancy. Of the many factors to consider, the patient’s age, fertility levels, and type of treatment are some of the critical ones that determine the number of cycles required. As you can understand, there is absolutely no way to predict whether IVF will bring the desired results right away or not. Of course, Team Miracle and Dr Firdevs at the Cyprus IVF Clinic always work with you best interest in mind and try to be the bearers of some good news as soon as possible!

If you still have questions or feel uncertain about anything related to your IVF treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact a Cyprus IVF Clinic patient coordinator or any other member of our globally recognised IVF team. Your peace of mind is important to us and finding out the truth about IVF or any other medical procedure you are involved in is your undeniable right that we will continue supporting any way we can.

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