Undergoing IVF treatment can be a difficult time for a couple. It’s often been many years in the planning and there are possibly many hopes pinned on its success. All of this can add up to feeling a lot of pressure. That’s why the experts at Cyprus IVF Clinic have devised a special package, designed to make your treatment and stay as relaxed as possible. With our local knowledge and experience in fertility treatment we have been able to put together a comprehensive offer.

Going abroad for IVF can sometimes raise extra concerns about logistics and travelling abroad to a foreign country. With our all-inclusive treatment package, we offer you the best value for your IVF treatment and also remove the stress of planning and organising your holiday.

IVF travel packages in Cyprus

One of the advantages about travelling to Cyprus for your IVF treatment is being able to enjoy the warm climate and surroundings. Repeated studies have shown that stress levels can play an important role in assisted conception, so our luxury travel package offers you the chance to step away from your day to day life. On our beautiful island you can sample the local cuisine and relax by the deep, blue Mediterranean sea.

In Cyprus

There will be plenty to occupy you! From strolling through the old cobbled streets of Kyrenia and pausing to watch the stunning sunset to taking yourself up to Karpaz peninsula. Here, there are miles and miles of white sand beaches and wild donkeys to see. After a day on the beach, Karpaz Gate Marina is perfect to enjoy dinner on your way home. Between May and July, you may be lucky enough to witness green and loggerhead turtles laying their eggs and then in August and September, the tiny babies hatch. No matter what your interests are, you are guaranteed to find something to occupy you in Cyprus.

Our luxury travel packages

There are a range of IVF travel packages, which can be structured to accommodate your budget and preferences, from 5* Premium to 4*. We have selected ten hotels to meet our criteria and you can base your choice on one of these.

ivf travel packages

Included in the price of treatment:

IVF Travel Package:

– 200 euros towards your stay in one of our ten selected hotels
– A return transfer in a private car from Larnaca (LCA) airport in South Cyprus or Ercan (ECN) airport to your hotel
– All transportation between your hotel and the Cyprus IVF Centre
– Free medication delivery to your hotel
– Mobile telephone with pre-paid credit for ease of local contact

IVF Treatment Package:

– Ultrasound scans and monitoring
– Medical fees
– Egg collection procedure
– Anaesthesia
– ICSI fertilisation
– Laboratory fees
– Assisted hatching
– Blastocyst culture
– Embryo Glue
– Ultrasound guided embryo transfer

Our egg donation package is the same as the IVF one, but includes:

– Egg donor fees and medication
– Egg donor monitoring, blood tests, scans and preparation

Our embryo donation package is the same as the egg donation one, but includes:

– Sperm from Cryos Denmark – IUI-Ready MOT 30 quality if available
– Shipping costs for nitrogen tank delivery


Fresh sperm donor sourced locally

– Extended blood tests and semen analysis for donor

Our PGD gender selection package is the same as our IVF one, but includes:

– Cell biopsy
– Genetic specialist fees for 5-probe PGD testing

Any medication that you require will be prescribed by Dr Firdevs, but must be purchased separately. We have a number of options for obtaining the medication; you can choose whichever one suits you best.

Luxury package format:

When you arrive in Cyprus, you will be met at the airport by a car which will take you to your chosen hotel. To ensure that we at Cyprus IVF Clinic have easy contact with you, we provide you with a local mobile phone with pre-paid credit. This gives you the freedom to move around the island easily but still know that you can contact us at any time.

All transport will be provided to and from the hotel. After you have arrived and settled in, one of our patient co-ordinators will be in touch to let you know the time of your first appointment to meet Dr Firdevs and the rest of Team Miracle.

From that point we are always on hand to help and answer any questions or concerns. Our patient co-ordinators are a dedicated team who will place your interests first. Cyprus IVF Clinic will do what we can to ensure your stay and treatment go as smoothly as possible. The patient is always our number one priority.