One of the most significant factors to consider when deciding where to have your IVF treatment is cost. Indicatively, in the US the cost of IVF treatment can be around $15,000, in the UK you can expect to pay between £5,000 – £8000 and in Hong Kong the cost is about $10,000, not including the price of travel. Also, these numbers only refer to one cycle of treatment. You are then charged extra for consultations, counseling, medication, paperwork, nurse appointment and more.

In detail, the total cost of an IVF cycle includes:

X Initial consultation – Most clinics charge a fee for a consultation with their IVF specialist prior to treatment.
✔ Basic IVF treatment – It usually covers doctor’s fees for collecting the eggs and making the embryo transfer, the embryologist’s fees for in-vitro fertilisation, ultrasound scans, and anaesthetics although these vary by country. Some clinics charge extra for the anesthetist fees and each ultrasound scan
X Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – It is the procedure where the sperm is directly injected into the egg to create embryos. This is a specialist procedure and the majority of clinics charge a significant fee for the use of ICSI.
X Medication (hormonal drugs) – Depending on the type of prescribed drugs to stimulate the ovaries and the individual fertility level of the patient, the precise cost varies. These drugs form the major cost on top of the standard IVF treatment cost and are required based on your age, infertility duration, and the physical condition of your endometrium and uterus.
X Embryo freezing – It is a cost that is rarely included in the basic IVF cost. Usually there is a set cost for cryopreservation and then an additional cost for each year of storage. For later thawing and transfer, the cost could climb to up to 100% of the standard IVF treatment cost.
X Immunological therapies and pre-implantation genetic screening to select the best embryos (up to half the basic IVF treatment cost and anywhere from 50% – 120% of the basic treatment cost respectively).
✔ Regulatory fee – Some clinics charge it separately while others include it in the general cost.

Team Miracle: Low Cost IVF in Cyprus

The cost of IVF in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus comes as a surprise to many couples that are in search of an affordable IVF treatment to make their dream come true. At Team Miracle you can expect to pay a fraction of what you would need to spend for your full treatment at a UK or American clinic. Also, the IVF treatment offered at Cyprus IVF Clinic includes:

  • Medical fees
  • Unlimited ultrasound scans
  • Egg collection
  • Anaesthesia
  • Laboratory fees
  • ICSI fertilisation
  • EmbryoGlue culture medium
  • Ultrasound guided embryo transfer.
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Accommodation and transport assistance

If you are traveling from abroad, our travel package also includes 200 euros to cover your stay in selected hotels, transfer from the airport to the selected hotel in a private car, transportation from the hotel to Cyprus IVF Clinic, medication delivery to your hotel (no extra charges) and a mobile phone with pre-paid credit for local use. That said, once you have arrived (either at the Larnaca Airport or Ercan Airport) and you have settled in, a patient co-coordinator will contact you to advise the time for your first appointment with Dr Firdevs – the only female gynaecologist and obstetrician in the island that is medically qualified to perform IVF.

Therefore, besides boasting the highest success rates in Cyprus and three times better IVF success rates than in the UK, Team Miracle also offer you optimal value for IVF costs without any hidden charges or extras. Also know that, unlike other fertility clinics, the cost of your treatment is not dependent on the previous cycles you might have had at other clinics or your age.

More Than Just a Low Cost IVF Treatment in Cyprus

Besides the remarkable services and IVF treatment you will receive at Team Miracle, you are also given an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries and relax, while pleasing your soul with amazing views of the Mediterranean and experiences that are worth living for. While staying here for your IVF treatment, you can take leisurely strolls next to white-sand beaches overlooking the endless blue of the sea and let your mind drift to where the horizon meets the majestic, sunny sky. The cobbled-stoned streets, quaint villages, family-held restaurants and the wild donkeys are distinct features of this island, also adding a pleasant note to your overall stay.
The island of the goddess of pure love is the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful retreat to spark romance and remind themselves how deeply they cherish their significant other. And, since the psychological factor plays a vital role in everything, Cyprus is a gift on its own. Being able to combine your holiday with your IVF treatment is just another reason to choose Team Miracle.

Other reasons to contact Team Miracle

Undeniably, by choosing to have IVF in Cyprus, you will be spoiled for choice. Apart from your standard IVF treatment, Team Miracle offer a wide selection of optional extras ranging from the EmbryoScope time lapse imaging incubator to gender selection treatment. Always with your best interests in mind, we do our best to provide you with the smoothest experience humanly possible and a lovely stay while getting a step closer to achieving your dreams.

For any additional information on our low cost IVF in Cyprus or other treatment options, please visit our FAQs section, where you will get answers to the most commonly asked questions or contact one of our experienced team. Rest assured that our patient co-coordinators are professionals that will do their best to satisfy your requirements.