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Before you arrive at the Cyprus IVF Clinic for your treatment, you will already be familiar with a few members of our team. But when you reach Cyprus you will get to meet the whole lot!

Everyone on Team Miracle is passionate about their work. From the IT geeks to the admin staff to the top medics – everyone loves what they do and what we help to create. As of March 2015, Team Miracle have treated more than 7,500 patients. And over six years spent together we have formed a formidable fertility team, used to working and co-operating with each other.

So who’s in Team Miracle ?

We have three core members and then a much wider network of support staff, including nurses, anaesthetists, embryologists, biologists, genetic experts, laboratory technicians, chauffeurs and chefs, amongst others. Each one plays their own role in bringing you a top class, relaxing, problem free treatment.

No matter how you came to hear of Team Miracle, we have put this page together in order to introduce ourselves properly to you before you embark on your treatment plan with us. After all, you’re probably wondering who we are!

dr-firdevsDoctor Firdevs Uguz Tip

– Certified Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
– Obstetrician Gynaecologist

Dr. Firdevs is our top physician who brings a phenomenal list of attributes to our team. She is internationally recognised for her wide ranging medical experience, academic credentials and contribution to research within the field of reproductive medicine. In addition she also well known for her success in treating some of the most challenging fertility cases from around the world.

Dr. Firdevs is thought of as one of the best doctors in Europe. Not just for her clinical skills and expertise, but the warm, compassionate care that she provides to all of her patients. It is partly her involvement which helps to make Cyprus IVF Clinic one of the best fertility clinics in the world.
In addition to treating fertility patients, Dr. Firdevs also carries out routine obstetrics, gynaecology, including around 300 caesareans and normal births every year. This regular involvement in all stages of pregnancy and women’s health means that she is able to keep an open mind and helps her with the ability to create dynamic medication protocols for the IVF treatment. These are always renewed and kept up to date with the most recent advances in fertility medicine, which is partly why Team Miracle pride ourselves on our fantastic success rates.

Medical Experience and Education

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Clinic
– Head Physician, IVF Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

2008 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
– Leading IVF Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

2003 – 2008 | Ankara Training and Research Hospital
– Specialisation in Women’s Health and Infertility

2001 – 2002 | Mersin State Hospital
– Head of Coronary Care Unit

2000 – 2001 | Osmaniye State Hospital
– Primary Care Physician

1994 – 2000 | Uludag University Medical Faculty
– Medical Degree

julie-dogusMiss Julie Hodson

– Senior International Patients Coordinator

Julie is the head of our Clinical Coordination Team. She plays a pivotal role in assisting patients throughout the entire treatment process.
Julie’s primary focus is communicating with our patients from the very first enquiry up until birth and beyond. She has a genuine concern and personal commitment to providing our patients with excellent care and the contribution she makes to patient care ranges from education and reassurance about fertility treatments to injection instruction and explanation of procedures.

Julie has been working alongside Team Miracle for six years and during that time has dealt with thousands of patients. She has a vast knowledge about all aspects of the IVF process, infertility issues and can help with the emotional side of treatment due to her psychology training. Julie has had first-hand experience and assisted Dr. Firdevs with hundreds of egg collections, embryo transfers and caesarean births. The knowledge and expertise that this gives her means that she is able to provide full explanations and answers to all patient queries that may arise.

Prior to joining Team Miracle, Julie studied law for five years at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland obtaining an LLB degree, Honours and a Diploma in Legal Practice. She then completed 2 years legal training at a top Scottish commercial law firm.

Julie moved to North Cyprus in May 2010 following many years of holidays to the island and started work as the original coordinator for Team Miracle in August 2010.

Julie gave birth, with Dr. Firdevs for assistance, to her first child in June 2012 and second child in December 2014.

Experience and Education:

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Clinic
-Senior International Patients Coordinator

2010 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
– International Patients Coordinator

2008 – 2010 | Maclay, Murray & Spens LLP
– Solicitor

2003 – 2008 | Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland
– Maastricht University, Netherlands
– LLB Law, Honours Degree in Scots Law, Diploma in Legal Practice

Umit-dogusInternational Patients Coordinator and Patient Liaison

Ümit is our bilingual International Patient Coordinator and Patient Liaison person. However neither of these roles are as important as him being our general “Mr Fix It”. Ümit’s main role is as contact for patients during their stay in Cyprus. His responsibilities include meeting patients on their arrival and guiding them through each stage of their treatment. He provides educational information in conjunction with Dr. Firdevs relating to treatments, procedures, medication and continuing care requirements. He will provide patients with updates from the embryologist when news comes through, regarding egg quality, fertilisation rates and embryo numbers.

Ümit ensures that each patient receives the best service possible by:

– completing patient rounds
– documenting care
– providing full explanations of each step and outcome of the treatment at Cyprus IVF Clinic
– collects information provided by patients regarding their care, administration and patient satisfaction
– communicates this information to the appropriate departments within the Cyprus IVF Clinic


Ümit grew up in Istanbul, Turkey before moving to North Cyprus for university in 1997. He graduated from the faculty of Communication & Media Studies, Public Relations & Advertising department in 2001. He later moved to New York in 2001 after being head-hunted by a top advertising agency.
In 2005, Ümit returned to North Cyprus and he became a member of Team Miracle in 2010. Ümit is fluent in both Turkish and English and he will help you through every minute of your time in Cyprus. He deals with a huge variety of things from airport transfers to medication deliveries to requests for extra pillows at the hotel!

Ümit is based at the hospital and you will meet him along with Dr. Firdevs at your appointments.

Experience and Education:

2015 – Present | Cyprus IVF Clinic
– International Patients Coordinator and Patient Liaison

2010 – 2015 | Dogus IVF Centre
– International Patients Coordinator

2005 – 2010| Nike Stores Cyprus
– General Manager

2001 – 2005 | SweetFace Fashion by Tommy Hilfiger and JLo
– Marketing Executive Assistant
New York, NY, United States of America

1997 – 2001 | Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus
– Bachelor Degree in Communication & Media Studies