New Hope – Reproductive IVF Treatment by Cyprus IVF Clinic

//New Hope – Reproductive IVF Treatment by Cyprus IVF Clinic

Infertility is a major concern for the men and women all around the globe. Everyone wants to be blessed with children but only a few of them are lucky enough to have their dreams come true without medical intervention. Infertility varies from age to age. A girl, 15 years of age, or above, has higher fertility rate than that of a 50 year old woman. The same is the case with men. In older times, the diet was nutritious and healthyful, which proved essential for the growth of a healthy baby. Today, the diet lacks nutritious elements values which induce complications during or after pregnancy. The heavy usage of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol has resulted in a fall in fertility rate.

According to a WHO (World Health Organization) report, in every developing country, one out of every four couples is facing this issue. Healthy diet and lack of proper guidance has been a contributing factor too. A survey was conducted from 2006 to 2010 by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) showing that approximately 1.5 million women, which makes 6% of the total women population of America, are deprived of the beautiful gift of nature. Also, 25% of infertile couples have more than one factor that contributes to their infertility. According to the cases reported in USA, 90% of infertility in men is a result of low sperm count or poor sperm quality. The remaining 10% is due to anatomical problems, hormonal imbalances and genetic defects. As reported, in the case of women, 30% suffer ovulatory disorders and. 50% have due to improper functioning of ovaries. Malfunction of hypothalamus and pituitary glands account up to 20% of the reported cases; abdominal diseases and previous surgeries contributing to the issues. Some other causes may include exposure to lead, medical treatments like harmful x-rays and chemicals like Ethylene oxide and Dibromochloropropane although these are rarer. Excessive usage of drugs containing nicotine, alcohol or increased weight are the most common problems in this modern day and age, significantly affecting fertility levels.

Different types of medicine and treatments have been introduced to cure this problemtry and combat this problem. A medication called clomiphene or clomiphene citrate (commonly known as Clomid) can induce ovulation in approximately 80% of patients. If Clomid is unsuccessful in assisting with conception, then the patient will need to consider IVF. During the IVF process, injections named Gonadotropins and human chronic gonadotropin are injected into the body to stimulate direct growth of eggs in the ovaries. Every IVF clinic uses its own medication protocol to utilise the vast number of medications available on the market today. At Cyprus IVF Clinic, we have access to the most up-to-date technological advances on the market and our partner doctors around the world are constantly impressed with the dynamic protocol that is offered to patients.

Recent biotechnical advantages have led to many improvements in human life. One of the important aspects is the IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatment. The term IVF literally means “fertilisation in glass” giving us the familiar term “test tube baby’’. Parents who are unable to enjoy the normal process of conception and birth of their offspring due to some physiological or genetic abnormalities in either party, making use of IVF treatment abroad or in their home country. During the IVF process, the sperm and ovum are fertilised in vitro (- outside the female body) and then the embryo is implanted back into the mother’s uterus. During the first trimester, the mother must continue to take medication to support the pregnancy. After 12 weeks, if the pregnancy is progressing smoothly, the placenta will be fully established and will provide the nourishment that the baby requires. The remaining development takes place in the body of the mother and eventually leads to a healthy normal birth.

IVF in Cyprus is a useful and, most importantly harmless process introduced in order to help individuals who have tried and waited for a long time to hear the giggles of a baby which would make them forget every worry.

Many institutions around the world have been set up to offer IVF treatment. Cyprus IVF Clinic is one of the best and most renowned clinics, located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Cyprus IVF Clinic is one of the most advanced facilities available and is a fully regulated, ISO certified
hospital with latest laboratory equipped with modern equipment and machinery including the EmbryoScope time-lapse imaging incubator. IVF treatment in Cyprus is completed with extreme care and under well maintained hygienic conditions in order to avoid infections and other complications that may occur during the surgery. The team which performs the surgery gets better and better with time and as a result the success ratio is improving with every operation performed. The IVF process is technically complicated ands the health of the mother is the primary concern at all stages. The Cyprus IVF Clinic embryologist always uses Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection ( ICSI )to maximise the fertilisation rates. The embryos are then cultivated in the IVF laboratory for 2-5 days before being transferred to the mother. The Cyprus IVF Clinic provides low cost medical treatment at a very high standard compared to any other clinic in America, Europe or any part of the world. It provides a healthy environment which is very important for both the doctor and the patient to ensure a good result. Infertility is now curable and IVF centres can help us to overcome our weakness, give guaranteed results and ensure a happy life.

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