Why Did your IVF Fail? Biological & Non-Biological Factors that Play a Role

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In-Vitro Fertilisation or most commonly known as IVF is the most preferred treatment for couples that face fertility issues and have a hard time getting pregnant. With the impressive advancements in assisted reproduction technology, IVF can be combined with other treatments to enhance results and increase success rates even more. Unfortunately, while it has helped [...]

Tandem IVF Treatment : A GREAT Alternative Treatment for Women with Low Ovarian Reserve

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One of the most common fertility issues many women face today is related to their ovarian reserve that does not allow them to conceive using their own eggs and is blocking them from reaching their dream of having a child. When we mention that a woman has a diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), we mean that [...]

IVF Over 40 ? – Egg Quality, Fertility, and IVF

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Female age is a significant factor to consider when trying to conceive. Undeniably, a successful pregnancy outcome is closely related to the age of the woman, especially when she wants to use her own eggs. This is because the age of the uterus is not as important as the age of the egg, whose quality [...]

Selecting the Best IVF Clinic : The How’s you Need to Know

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Unfortunately, the baby-making journey is not always a walk in the park. There are millions of young women (>35 years of age) worldwide that have been trying to get pregnant for 1-2 years (or 6 months if over 35 years old) without success. Among whom are also women that have had more than one miscarriage, [...]

Egg Donation Abroad : Facts you Need to Know

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Egg donation abroad is, for thousands of couples worldwide that face fertility problems, a shiny beam of hope. Considering that there is a serious shortage of egg donors, patients from countries, such as the UK, seek egg donor treatment abroad. This is one of the reasons why Cyprus is such a popular destination for couples [...]

Egg Donation in Cyprus : Everything you Need to Know

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Almost 75% of women older than 45 undergoing In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or any other assisted reproductive technology (ART) use donor eggs to try to get pregnant. In the US alone, more than 8,000 healthy babies are born every year to women that have conceived with this method, regardless of their age. Egg donation in Cyprus [...]

Low Ovarian Reserve & IVF Success Rates

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In today's hurried lifestyle with the increased responsibilities and tasks, women find themselves deferring having a baby until they have fulfilled their career aspirations first or until their financial state within the family allows them to consider having a child. Unfortunately, egg quality decreases with advancing age, which is why women over their late 30s [...]

What to Expect After an IVF Embryo Transfer

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So, after the ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo development, you are now having your embryo transferred into your uterus. As soon as the 5-minute procedure ends (similar to a smear test in terms of discomfort), you are entering a 2-week wait period to see if you have an established pregnancy or not. It will [...]