15+ Reasons to have an IVF treatment

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Being able to give birth to your child is a miracle indeed. Unfortunately, it is a struggle for many women. At least, in the past few decades. Luckily, the remarkable advances in assisted reproduction and fertility medicine have given us powerful tools and valuable knowledge to make a woman's dream to start a family come [...]

Low Cost IVF in Cyprus

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One of the most significant factors to consider when deciding where to have your IVF treatment is cost. Indicatively, in the US the cost of IVF treatment can be around $15,000, in the UK you can expect to pay between £5,000 – £8000 and in Hong Kong the cost is about $10,000, not including the [...]

IVF ; All You Need to Know Including IVF Treatment Options

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When couples are looking forward to conception and bringing bundles of joy to this world, none of them thinks about fertility treatment. However, one of six couples trying to conceive will require assistance of some sort, such as egg or sperm donation or an entire IVF cycle. No matter the conception issues you are having, [...]

You Can Now Combine Your Holiday with IVF Treatment in Cyprus

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Infertility is a major issue among couples everywhere. It's now over three decades since the first babies were born via In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), but the treatment has gained traction more than ever before in the last ten years. In places like the UK, governmental bodies have been offering fertility treatment but this is either [...]

PGD with IVF for Gender Selection

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Today’s cutting edge technology mean that you don’t have to wait until the foetus is old enough to know its gender. You can actually control it. People want to know the gender of their next child for various reasons, some of which revolve around family balancing. If you have sons it's natural that you would [...]

It’s the New Year – how will you choose your IVF clinic abroad ?

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Having IVF is some of the most life-changing medical treatment that most people will undergo. It has the potential to deliver the most valuable results and – for many – it represents a vast emotional and financial investment. For those choosing their IVF clinic abroad, it can be a massively important decision and to maximise [...]

IVF As a Single Woman

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When we picture IVF treatment, the image that comes to mind is a close, intimate time as a couple. In fact, we probably imagine it as one of the times for couples to be the most together that they will ever be; secure in the knowledge that their baby is being created and being able [...]

How to get started IVF in Cyprus ?

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IVF in Cyprus has underwent a lot of changes during the last twenty years as technology advanced our understanding of the benefits of in vitro fertilization. At one time IVF in Cyprus was primarily thought of as a last resort procedure for desperate women who could not conceive due to damages to their fallopian tubes, [...]