Unfortunately, the baby-making journey is not always a walk in the park. There are millions of young women (>35 years of age) worldwide that have been trying to get pregnant for 1-2 years (or 6 months if over 35 years old) without success. Among whom are also women that have had more than one miscarriage, as well as those dealing with unexplained infertility.

They lose hope, get frustrated and sometimes angry at themselves for not being able to start a family soon. If this is your case, too, it may be time to take things to the next step and seek help from fertility experts, who will assess your medical and sexual history and try to identify the root of the problem so that they can recommend the best fertility treatment for your case. Maybe you feel you are called to make a gigantic leap, and maybe this IVF treatment idea is just too intimidating for you at the moment. We totally understand. The most important thing is to find the best IVF clinic out there and seek their help. If they are indeed medical experts, you will feel you are in safe hands and relax. Maybe your partner’s sperm is too poor. Maybe you have an underlying condition that is jeopardising your fertility (i.e. low ovarian reserve or polycystic syndrome). Whatever the reason, you have the right to know and you are entitled to a treatment that can give you what you are dreaming of: a healthy child.

What makes a good fertility clinic, though? How can you tell whether a fertility clinic is indeed as excellent as they say? Doing a little research into where to go is wise. Here are some of the criteria that you can consider when you select one.

Best IVF Clinic : General Criteria

1. Clinic Environment

Every IVF clinic is different and offers a range of quality in their services. Besides published success rates (will talk more extensively later on) that give you a place to start, the clinic’s environment also plays a vital role in the outcome of a fertility treatment, be it IVF or any other. Take a look around. Does it infuse a welcoming and calm sensation or does it feel like you are in the middle of a hurricane with lots of stuff going on and a whole lot of noise? Even worse, does it feel like nobody has noticed you are there? You have to feel valued, respected, and well looked after. and although chaos is also part of every business, it should not be a regular thing and it certainly has to be properly taken care of.

With that in mind, everybody at the Cyprus IVF Clinic has worked towards creating a soothing and tranquil environment for our patients so that they can have their treatments with peace of mind and knowing they always have people around them ready to support them when needed.

2. Services Offered

Some clinics offer options while others move their patients straight into IVF and/or ICSI. The best IVF clinic will be able to provide you with less invasive treatment options and tailor the treatment to your particular case. If every patient is scheduled to have ICSI regardless of their specific case, then you should seriously reconsider trusting your future to them. The goal of every IVF clinic that respects itself and its patients is to maximise the couple’s chance of having a healthy baby. For that reason, they should help create a unique, strictly individualised treatment plan rather than have a one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, at the Cyprus IVF Clinic, couples are offered a wide range of treatments – from egg donation programs and IMSI to cryopreservation – and a treatment protocol that meets their particular needs and requirements, created by Dr. Firdevs, a leading and world-respected OB-GYN and fertility expert also known for her considerate approach to her patient’s fertility problems.

3. How they Treat Both Partners

When an IVF clinic shows respect for both partners, it is always a good sign. After all, getting pregnant and starting a family is a journey that needs two to make, at least most of the times. That said, they should take care of the male partner just as well as the female one. For example, do they provide a comfortable, private place when men can collect their semen samples? Do they offer any type of aids to make things easier for the nervous partner ?

4. Team Members

There is no doubt that a fertility treatment is not just about the doctor. The clinic’s quality and overall success are also dependent on other groups of professionals (i.e. embryologists and nurses). Meet members of the team if you can. Do your research. Are they accredited; hence, competent in their roles?

Also keep in mind that many fertility centres have a high staff turnover. This means that they may have looked great some years ago but do not continue to offer the same high quality of services anymore. Check that out, too.

Team Miracle at the Cyprus IVF Clinic comprises of highly acclaimed medical experts and patient coordinators with a wealth of experience that have been with us from day one and have all helped make the best IVF Clinic in North Cyprus.

Best IVF Clinic : Reading Between the Lines

1. Defining Pregnancy Rates

The big question to ask yourself before selecting an IVF clinic, be it in Cyprus or anywhere else in the world, is how the clinic defines success.
What are your chances of giving birth to a healthy baby, which is the whole point of this journey?
When you read about pregnancy rates on a fertility clinic’s website, you should check out whether they mean that their patients get a positive result on a pregnancy test kit. There is 20% higher chance of losing pregnancy between that time and the first ultrasound. So, there is a huge difference as per how results are interpreted. Better make sure they are referring to established pregnancies (meaning evidenced by ultrasound).

Another point to notice is whether the IVF clinic’s pregnancy rates as published on their website are from a short time period. If they have managed to maintain great pregnancy results over a long period of time (12 months or so), they must have a good control of their systems.

2. Number of Embryos Necessary for a Transfer

How does the clinic address the concern of multiple pregnancies? Ask them how many embryos they will need to transfer into your uterus to achieve pregnancy. Don’t forget to ask how many pregnancies end up with twins and more babies. With both IVF and ICSI fertility treatment, we usually transfer more than one embryos to increase the chances of an established pregnancy. However, this also increases the chance of multiple pregnancy, as well as the health risks involved in one, for the mother and the babies alike. If having a large family all at once is not in your plans, you should make sure they can give you exactly what you want. If they can transfer fewer embryos without lowering their good pregnancy rates, then you have a strong indicator that the clinic is actually good.

3. Do They Use Blastocyst Cultures ?

Traditionally, we grow embryos in our labs for 3 days or until they reach the cleavage stage. However, the selection process is made more difficult if we don’t have a decent number of eggs. It is important to choose the best embryo to transfer so that the patient has more chances of success. For that reason, we prefer to grow embryos for 5 days, when necessary, or until the hatching embryos make it into a blastocyst stage. And, for those with concerns about the embryos that are not used, they can be frozen for future use or also be donated to couples also struggling with infertility if you fit the screening criteria.

Kindly note that many IVF clinics offer day-5 cultures at an additional cost.

4. Do They Offer Sperm Injections ?

Another thing that distinguishes the best IVF clinic is whether they include sperm injections in their treatment packages. There are thousands of men with, for instance, low sperm count that could benefit from having their sperm injected directly into the egg via a procedure called ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). In cases of severe male factor infertility, a fertility clinic should also be able to come forward with other options, such as donor sperm, which is most likely the only alternative worth mentioning.

5. What Are Their Lab’s Standards ?

Embryos are very susceptible to damage due to changes in the oxygen, humidity, and temperature levels. This means that there are very specific conditions that need to be met and constantly monitored to make sure the embryos’ development is as expected. Needless to say, lab standards in regards the quality of the equipment and the selected technology used can determine the outcome of a treatment.
Ask the clinic about the steps they take to ensure that the developing embryos are well looked after when inside their incubators.

Final Notes:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Each clinic does things slightly differently.
  • Always know what you are getting into. If you use budget IVF clinics, you should be prepared for significantly lower success rates as they distribute medication that produces fewer eggs (lower doses of hormones to make drugs cheaper) and, in most cases, you end up with no embryo to transfer.
  • If you do choose a budget IVF clinic, make sure you ask them how they will monitor your response to the low hormone doses they distribute. You may be experiencing serious health complications from that.
  • The best IVF clinic should not have any hidden extras and should make you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. If they put you into a position where you have to second guess, then it’s not worth it.

For any information about any of the aspects mentioned above, from our lab standards to the offered fertility treatments, please contact us. We will be happy to share any details of our operations with you. After all, searching for the best IVF clinic is not something small. So, it should be treated with due respect.