Sperm donation is a very standard treatment that we often use alongside traditional IVF. It is one of the most established treatments that we offer.

When should sperm donation be considered ?

There are different reasons why a couple may be considering using donor sperm. Low quantity and low quality are two of the top reasons. If the male partner has a very low sperm count then Dr Firdevs will use the Micro TESE (microsurgical testicular extraction) method to try and obtain a sample of sperm. However if this fails, or the sperm is of such a low quality that it will affect your chances of success, then couples are given the option to use donor sperm instead.

We have a comprehensive range of registered sperm donors and we will select the most appropriate one for the male partner using your own criteria.

How do we keep our donor sperm quality high ?

We operate a regular screening programme for our donors (Anti-HIV, Anti-HCV, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG, HbsAg, VDRL) and they also undergo regular spermiograms; this is an assessment of volume and quality.

Cryos International

Cyprus IVF Clinic has its own sperm donor database, however in addition we also now work with Cryos International. This organisation has the largest database of frozen sperm in the world. This database has a vastly detailed accompanying website, where a huge amount of information is available about each donor.

Historically, this database could only be used by the medical fraternity. However, more recently, it has begun providing a private client option, which means that all of our patients are able to view the donor details. Once you have done this and selected your donor, the Cyprus IVF Clinic will then purchase the sperm for you.

The donor list in the private department of Cryos International is available without a password, and you can view the donors with extended profiles, baby photos, staff impressions, and more.