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Why Did your IVF Fail? Biological & Non-Biological Factors that Play a Role

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In-Vitro Fertilisation or most commonly known as IVF is the most preferred treatment for couples that face fertility issues and have a hard time getting pregnant. With the impressive advancements in assisted reproduction technology, IVF can be combined with other treatments to enhance results and increase success rates even more. Unfortunately, while it has helped [...]

IVF Over 40 ? – Egg Quality, Fertility, and IVF

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Female age is a significant factor to consider when trying to conceive. Undeniably, a successful pregnancy outcome is closely related to the age of the woman, especially when she wants to use her own eggs. This is because the age of the uterus is not as important as the age of the egg, whose quality [...]

IVF : Facts and Fiction

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With the remarkable advances in fertility medicine, having a child is no longer a far-fetched dream for couples facing infertility issues. In-Vitro Fertilisation or IVF plays a vital role in assisting people to feel the joys of parenthood with thousands of IVF cycles done in the US and UK alone. However, much is said and [...]

IVF ; All You Need to Know Including IVF Treatment Options

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When couples are looking forward to conception and bringing bundles of joy to this world, none of them thinks about fertility treatment. However, one of six couples trying to conceive will require assistance of some sort, such as egg or sperm donation or an entire IVF cycle. No matter the conception issues you are having, [...]

How to get started IVF in Cyprus ?

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IVF in Cyprus has underwent a lot of changes during the last twenty years as technology advanced our understanding of the benefits of in vitro fertilization. At one time IVF in Cyprus was primarily thought of as a last resort procedure for desperate women who could not conceive due to damages to their fallopian tubes, [...]

New Hope – Reproductive IVF Treatment by Cyprus IVF Clinic

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Infertility is a major concern for the men and women all around the globe. Everyone wants to be blessed with children but only a few of them are lucky enough to have their dreams come true without medical intervention. Infertility varies from age to age. A girl, 15 years of age, or above, has higher [...]