Using donor eggs is a wonderful way to give a woman a chance of carrying her own child, even if her eggs are poor quality or she has a low ovarian reserve. However, it can sometimes be difficult to accept that your own eggs will not progress to a viable pregnancy. With a tandem cycle, both your eggs and donor eggs will be fertilised so you have every chance of using your own eggs before a donors’.

When is tandem cycle treatment recommended ?

It’s usually older women who choose tandem cycle treatment at Cyprus IVF Clinic because egg quality declines with age and their levels of FSH are higher.

What happens during tandem cycle treatment ?

You will need to take medication for 8 days prior to arriving in Cyprus. When you arrive, you will then be scanned to assess the lining of the womb and your egg reserves. Assuming that your eggs are of a viable size, you will receive a Pregnyl injection.

After 36 hours both your eggs and the donor eggs will be collected. All the eggs will then be fertilised with your partner’s sperm and left to develop over approximately three days. An embryologist will monitor the embryos and assess the quality of each one which then means that you can make an informed decision about whether you’d like to have your own embryos transferred, donor embryos or a combination of both.

Tandem cycle treatment is not widely available in other countries. However we believe in putting our patient’s best interests first by giving you the choice. This pioneering treatment maximises the chances of having a viable pregnancy using your own embryos, whilst also having a backup plan.