IVF abroad is a much preferred option for thousands of infertile couples. Besides having the opportunity to enjoy your vacation at the same time of your IVF treatment at an idyllic place, opting for an IVF treatment overseas is great for your budget, and not only.

1. Cost of IVF Abroad

One of the main reasons that make almost 70 percent of couples facing fertility issues travel abroad to receive fertility treatment is the cost. Although there are no official figures demonstrating the average costs of IVF abroad, money is indeed a key factor that contributes to the increasing number of couples going abroad, considering the fact that the cost of IVF abroad can be up to 25 per cent cheaper in countries such as North Cyprus than in the UK. However, when we mention the cost of IVF abroad, we also include the cost to access donor treatment and gender selection, which are also significantly lower in North Cyprus than anywhere else.

In detail…

Our research has shown that you can expect to pay at least $15,000 for IVF treatment in the USA, and a minimum of £5,000 – £8000 in the UK. The sums quickly rise if you add the medication costs, as well as charges for consultations, nurse appointments, counselling, scans, ICSI, paperwork and more. For an IVF treatment in Spain, you will need to make sure you have at least £4,300 while a fertility clinic in Brazil will need more than £2600. And, all that, for a SINGLE cycle of IVF!

So, the cost of IVF abroad at Cyprus IVF Clinic in North Cyprus is understandably a big surprise to many patients, given that a full treatment costs could be less than 3.500 euros, and includes:

  • Doctor Consultations
  • Scans
  • Egg Collection
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Assisted Hatching
  • ICSI Fertilisation

There are no hidden costs or small letters our patients should worry about. It should also be noted that some IVF clinics charge an additional amount of money per the various maternal age groups or the number of previous cycles the couple may have had in the past. Team Miracle find this totally discriminating. For us, every patient is treated with all due respect and receives the same premium treatment per case without charging any extras for such obscure reasons.

Pre-treatment costs:

i) Scans and Blood Tests

If you are using your own eggs rather than donor eggs, you will need an ultrasound scan and hormone blood tests prior to your visit at the Clinic. With a helpful GP, you can have these tests free of charge. If you address a private clinic, they will charge about £200. However, it’s just an indicative sum that could climb even higher. If you use donor eggs, these scans and tests are not necessary for your egg donation treatment.

ii) Medication

Depending on the IVF treatment suggested to you and your fertility level, the cost of medication can range between £15 – £1,000. For instance, the cost of pre-treatment medication for a woman entering menopause that is coming to the Cyprus IVF Clinic for embryo donation is less than £20.

For a woman in her late 30s or 40s that wants to use her own eggs to have gender selection treatment, the medication will cost her approximately £1,000 as she will require a high dose of IVF stimulation medication. Again, with a GP willing to help, you may get your medication at a reduced cost or even free. For more information on how to cut down on medication costs and more, please contact our patient coordinators.

2. IVF Success Rates

According to a recent study conducted by Infertility Network (IN), success rates have not improved much in the UK and couples are susceptible to exploitation because many clinics inflate their prices and charge add-ons, such as freezing, storing, and culturing an embryo (blastocyst). Also, women in their 40s are given less than 2 percent chance of having a baby using their own eggs and 1 in 4 chances if they use donor eggs, because of donor shortage, which puts them in a long, nerve-racking waiting list.

As opposed to all that, Team Miracle and the Cyprus IVF Clinic offers 3 times better ivf success rates than the UK and have already made more than six thousand couples happy parents, from the start of this year and up to this day alone! And, with a long list of pre-screened egg donors, couples are spoiled for choice.

Also, couples undergoing IVF treatment have an average 25 percent to have a live birth in European countries, which depends on factors such as their age. Now, this is where a patient will need to keep their eyes open. When you hear or read about fertility centres stating their astounding 99 percent success rate, you should now that this number corresponds to cumulative pregnancy rates, meaning the pregnancy rates after no less than four cycles, which will cost you four times more. This also means that the first cycle might cost you less, but you will need many cycles to achieve the desired result. For clinics that charge extra money per cycle, it’s not a good deal, no matter how you look at it.

Our statistics are straightforward. An overwhelming majority of our patients become parents after one cycle, which is huge, considering the European average IVF pregnancy rate of 35 per cent.

What is more, the arrival of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in the 1990s and its advancements from then onwards have been revolutionary and can help couples with unexplained infertility and male factor infertility start a family, boosting pregnancy success rates significantly. Provided the process is carried out by skilled and knowledgeable fertility experts, it can help give birth to a healthy baby, even at a more mature age.

Finally, our success rates are not quoted for good prognosis couples. Women well over their late 30s have great chances to conceive, too, unlike what happens in fertility clinics around the world. Having said that, the embryos are now more protected thanks to the development of a stellar incubation system that we use, called Embryoscope, which is nothing like conventional incubators that improves pregnancy outcomes by 10 percent and is now available in a handful of clinics worldwide. However, to reach our experience and expertise in using the Embryoscope’s remarkable features makes us leaders in this field; a field that other clinics will soon benefit from.

As for those that are having a difficult time getting pregnant, the Cyprus IVF Clinic has many assisted reproduction services, such as cryopreservation that also increase the chances of success.

It has become apparent that we have managed to reduce not only the cost of IVF abroad, but also the emotional distress and frustration couples feel after multiple failed cycles.

3. Staff by Your Side from Day 1

Women taking hormones to prepare their body for embryo transfer are in great need of continuous support. Unfortunately, this is not an option in most fertility centres. Compared to the experience you may have in a private clinic, having IVF at the Cyprus IVF Clinic means that you will have international patient coordinators ready to answer all your questions and be there for you, from your first enquiry till after your child’s birth. Our goal is not to upsell. We understand your worries and the emotional rollercoaster you may be feeling during your IVF treatment and we are all here to help.

4. Anonymity of Donors

In the UK, a law was passed quite recently giving children the right to discover the identity of their egg and/or sperm donors as soon as they turn 18. In North Cyprus, the donor remains anonymous. So, your child is your baby only and that’s something that won’t change. However, we have taken IVF a step up as we give couples the chance to find a donor that looks much like them (i.e. same eye and hair colour)!

Besides the significantly lower cost of IVF abroad, deciding to have your IVF treatment in North Cyprus comes with several advantages, some of which are briefly mentioned above. With an impressive track record available to everyone interested in our fertility treatments and a wealth of experience in all types of fertility problems, Team Miracle CAN give you what your body cannot give you naturally.
For any information or query you may have, kindly contact us.